Laura Smith

I'm a fourth-year undergraduate student studying Computer Science at UC Berkeley. I currently work with Professor Pieter Abbeel as a researcher in the Berkeley Artificial Intelligence Research (BAIR) Lab.

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  • I was chosen as a finalist for the CRA Outstanding Undergraduate Researcher Award

  • At NeurIPS 2019, I gave a talk on our work, AVID, at the Robot Learning Workshop.


My research has been focused on developing representation learning and model-based reinforcement learning methods to allow robots to learn complex skills in real-world systems.

AVID: Learning Multi-Stage Tasks via Pixel-Level Translation of Human Videos
Laura Smith, Nikita Dhawan, Marvin Zhang, Pieter Abbeel, Sergey Levine
in NeurIPS Deep Reinforcement Learning, Learning from Rich Experience, and Robot Learning Workshops (Contributed Talk), 2019.
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Humans can learn from watching others, imagining how they would perform the task themselves, and then practicing on their own. Can robots do the same? We adopt a similar strategy of imagination and practice in this project to solve complex, long-horizon tasks, like operating a coffee machine or getting objects from within a closed drawer.

SOLAR: Deep Structured Latent Representations for Model-Based Reinforcement Learning
Marvin Zhang*, Sharad Vikram*, Laura Smith, Pieter Abbeel, Matthew Johnson, Sergey Levine
ICML 2019.
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Learning representations that are suitable for iterative model-based policy improvement, even when the underlying dynamical system has complex dynamics and image observations.

CS 287: Advanced Robotics
Undergraduate Student Instructor, Fall 2019
Lecture given on Imitation Learning

CS 188: Intro to Artificial Intelligence
Undergraduate Student Instructor, Spring 2019
Undergraduate Student Instructor, Fall 2018
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